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We operate as a modern printing labels. We offer white and colored labels. Colored labels on rolls, we created using flexographic printing technology.

Our "printing labels" produces labels with the applicable standards ISO quality control.

We also perform serial printing on label printers (thermal transfer printing technology). We also use the numbering of the subsequent articles (inkjet printer). We have special equipment that will make an individual determination of each single product.

We design colored self-adhesive labels. Our printing helps prepare graphic designs.

Our printing machines provide a form fit with excellent quality images. They guarantee good color reproduction.

We have a technologically advanced machine park.

The tasks associated with the production of white labels on rolls.

According to the ISO quality control procedures.


The processes of creating labels:  


The customer provides the necessary product information to estimate costs and provide an initial offer.

Basic information that is required.
This information is needed to perform the calculation of price:

1. Does the label to be wound onto rolls, or placed on the sheets?

2. What size is to be a label?

3. What shape is the label?
What should be cut?
(Standard rectangle with rounded corners or other custom shape)

4. What amount the customer wants to order? What is the estimated amount (per month, year or time).

5. What material label is to be performed (paper, foil PP, PE, ALU, cardboard, plastic)?

6. What is the purpose of these labels?

7. Does the label will be applied to the product by hand?
Do labels will be applied automatically applicator?

8. Does it have to be printed black mark on the backing silicone label? What it is to have a thickness / width of the black character?

9. Important information about storage conditions labels.
What are the conditions to be met by the label?
What is to be odpornonść to weather conditions?
Print how much is to be sustained / sturdy?
Resistance: UV, mechanical damage, solvents, soap, grease, alkalis.

10. The client should also provide information about wound.
- The direction of the labels.
- The number of labels per roll.
- Diameter of the sleeve/core, which will be wound.
- Placing the item in accordance with the model, winding side OUT or IN). ?


We send the client a cost estimate label production.

The customer receives basic information:
- Price labels,
- Prices punches - knife cutters,
- delivery costs.
The customer receives the terms of cooperation, which also includes information on standard lead times.

The term of the contract can be changed if necessary.

According to ISO procedures, after the approval by the Client estimate and the terms of cooperation, we can proceed to the next stage.

If this is your first order, the customer receives a pro forma invoice for payment.

We determine whether the contract is to be implemented urgently. 

3. PRODUCTION (press, postpress)

After receiving the order we proceed to production labels.

Sending the order is at the same time mean acceptance of the terms of cooperation with a printing BART.

If your printer did not have the material or tools needed to prepare, they are ordered from suppliers.

Finishing works are carried out:
- Cutting the material,
- Punching,
- Winding on a competent core (standard fi diameter 76, 50, 40, 25 mm.)

In the course of production is ISO Quality Control.

At the final stage of production labels they are counted, checked, packed and shipped.


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The tasks related to the production printing color labels with the role requires careful preparation and strict ISO quality control.

Printing labels BART produced in accordance with ISO quality control procedures.

In the design and production process can be presented next steps.


The processes of creating colored labels: 


Customer provides a printing-a BART most important product information.

Inquiries regarding colored labels in rolls must be accurately defined.

In order to prepare a printing price calculation receives from the client information, such as:

- The size of the labels,
- Shape
*) Standard rectangle with rounded corners
*) Unusual shape,
*) Additional incision,
*) Perforations on the substrate silicon,
*) Black mark brand,
- Determination of the amount of labeled products
(Estimate per month, year, time),

- Information about the material from which the labels are made
(Paper, foil white or transparent PP, PE, ALU, cardboard, plastic).

Very important information concerning the destination of the products and the conditions in which they will be stored.
What kind of weathering is to have overprint
(UV, mechanical damage, solvents, soap, grease, alkali)?

The client indicates whether elements will be applied manually or by using special automated applicator.

The customer tells you how winding the labels on rolls such as:
- The direction of the beam and the side of the beam (outside or inside the roll)
- Number of labels per roll.
- Diameter core, which will be wound labels.
Available are 4 standards sleeve diameter: fi 76, fi 40, fi 50mm. and the least popular fi 25.

The customer provides information on printing to estimate the cost.


We send the potential customer a preliminary valuation of all costs associated with the implementation of the contract:

a) Implementation of the labels by printing labels
b) the work done by prepress labels - polymers,
c) the cost of buying new paint - Pantone,
d) the cost of delivery, shipping costs,
e) the cost of buying new dies - knife cutters.

The buyer receives the information in a PDF file entitled "Conditions for cooperation with a printing BART" on e-mail.

In this white paper are all the basic data and conditions for cooperation between the parties.

We inform and provide for their labor standards and the estimated time process the order.

According to ISO procedures, after the approval by the customer, "Estimate - price calculation" and "Terms of cooperation", we can proceed to the next stage.

Where this is the first order, the customer receives an invoice Proforma for prepayment.

Implementation of a contract in the urgency is determined with the client individually.

3. PROJECTS (press)

Based on materials sent by the client, designers can make a new graphic design or improve the old model. The best option is when a client has projects that are editable. The customer delivers projects in the appropriate format.

Proven format - a standard is the project "curves" embedded in the PDF.


Designers develop graphic designs of labels in:

- CorelDraw (Vector)  

- Illustrator (Vector)

- Photoshop (raster graphics)


When the customer does not have its own label designs, graphic at the BART create new projects.
Price of the project depends on its degree of complexity.
The project is created on the basis of detailed information.
The customer sends the needed graphics and content.

Projects are checked for correctness preparation for production.

Artproof - electronic design file is sent to the customer.

The project is adjusted until accepted by Principal.

Artproof used to evaluate:
- Graphic design,
- The layout printing,
- The accuracy of the text.
- Color reproduction.

However, it is not 100% reflect the end result.

There may be some slight differences in color.
These differences are due to the technology used, the type of substrate and dot gain in print.

Barcode readability shall always verified.


After preparing and approving the project by the Client, it is a step of preparing matrix printing.

This step involves the creation of polymers (matrix).

On special request can be made paper Digital print on digital printer.

Digital Proof - pattern is observable color simulations that will be printed on the label right.

It is an option an additional fee.

The buyer receives a physical version of the letter.

5. PRODUCTION (press, postpress)

After acceptance by the customer artproofa electronic or physical paper, printing proceeds to Step proper label production.

After printing the labels on the machine flexographic, finishing works are carried out, such as:
- Cut material (cutting)
- Winding on respective sleeves / core (diameter fi 76, 50, 40, 25 mm.).

In the course of production is quality control.

At the last stage of the production of labels, the labels are converted, tested, packaged and shipped.


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