Flexo printing house.Production of labels


Our company PPUH BART has been in the market since 1993. Located in Środa Wielkopolska just 29 km from Poznan. Our major activity is the manufacture of all labels, and sales and service of thermal transfer printers and thermal printers. We specialise in the production of labels. BART is a printing company that is able to produce: thermal labels, white labels, colored labels in any size and shape. We also manufacture special non-adhesive label or adhesive such as loops gardening, gardening arrows, tags, boxes, warranty seals, nameplates and much more. We are a supplier of parts for each printer labels: heads, rollers and other rubber. We sell supplies for label printers such as the black and color thermal transfer films. We provide services for warranty and post warranty service. Training on site (in office) or in the field. We provide assistance to customers from a group beginners and experienced. PPUH BART is also a supplier of own solutions SAID (Automatic Identification System). Our offer includes services such as software development, system analysis and design SAID, maintenance, implementation services, installation and training. We sell bar code readers, applicators, identification systems. A characteristic feature of our company is mainly experienced in the industry (we are on the market since 1993) and a professional technical background. We are working on the equipment of the highest quality, reliability and durability. Relationships with clients, his pleasure and satisfaction from our work are the main priority of the company. Our sales consultants will provide professional assistance and attempt to offer the best solutions to problems that have hit the open and hidden client needs. Provide continuity and timeliness of deliveries.





Our printing labels BART offers high quality services and products. The proof of our efforts is achieved in 2013, implemented and certified quality management system according to ISO 9001: 2008. With this certification, our company has recorded an increase in satisfaction and trust of customers and reduced the inefficient operation and also ensured greater efficiency. Thanks to the implemented management system, increased the quality of our work. Systematic review of the processes in our company significantly improved the performance and efficiency. Management system certification by DAS Certification Ltd. - DAS Poland has confirmed the effectiveness of the implemented by the company management system.










We use a narrow high-quality flexo presses.

They are designed to print labels.
They have the possibility of processing a wide range of self-adhesive labels and packaging.

We can produce the stable material having a thickness of 30 to 350 microns.

In one machine width of the web can not exceed 231 mm (printability) and 250 mm. This machine has 5 stations cartridges. The possibility of reversing the web and printing of the reverse.

Machines allow UV drying, UV varnishing.
UV drying significantly improves print quality, and also provides an option of UV coating.

The second NEW machine width of the web can not exceed 340 mm. This machine has 8 printing stations. It has the ability laminating, gilding cold, reversing the ribbon, reverse printing, delam-relam, peel off.

The machines have a short path to the web. The amount of waste produced is small.


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