Flexo printing house.Production of labels

Our core activity is the production of high quality colour labels. The striking appearance of the self-adhesive labels presents itself well to prospective clients. The self-adhesive labels, printed on foil type PE, PP, PCV & PET allow compliance with the high demands of the client and the market. We have the following on offer: thermal labels, thermo-transferable labels, textile-embroided labels, barcoded labels, product identification labels. In addition, we offer high quality apparatus like: label printers, cutters, winding machines, data collectors, numerous barcode readers. These are only a few items from our range of products that are sought by the clients of PPUH Bart. We supply only reliable modern barcode readers which fully meet the demands and high expectations of our clients. In addition to the distribution of the equipment we offer valuable expertise with promotions. We specialize in the production of self-adhesive labels, sealing labels, bow-labels, (thermic) thermal labels, barcode labels,textile embroided labels and product identification labels. At PPUH Bart we ensure full back-up service of all equipment from our range e.g. barcode readers, labels printers, plastic card readers and access control systems. We are renowned for our high quality products and for the expertise provided by our support teams. Please contact our office to initiate a possible future business relationship that will be of benefit to you. To experience first-hand what we have to offer we welcome you to visit our premises in Sroda Wielkopolska (Poland).


"What distinguishes us from the competition, is to be the best in the industry. It's not about the size of the company, high or low prices or high profits. It's about professionalism, experience and knowledge. We build partnerships with our customers based on the highest quality of services. "


Label production

Production label belongs to the pillars of our business. Thanks to the experience and the disposition of a modern, high-tech equipment, we are able in the short term to pursue even a particularly demanding assignment order. We will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Self-adhesive labels

Our knowledge and experience allows us to offer a label with the right kind of glue matched to the needs of the product. Labels and adhesives must be selected to ensure the expected adhesion to the surface labeled.

Highest Quality - Certification

Our production is in line with the highest European standards. Management system certification by DAS Certification.