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Labels in contact with food

White & coloured labels in contact with food. With this type of labels is essential to determine in what way they come in contact with the product. This contact can be direct or indirect (through packaging).  These labels can be certified glueless or adhesion included, which is intended for food contact. Direct labeling of foods are subjected to a number of requirements and regulations. The relevant requirements are contained in the EU Directives.  These requirements apply in the first place to paper or other surface materials, which must be certified to be used for direct contact with dry, moist or greasy food. The same applies for special adhesives. In Europe there are special directives for the labelling of vegetables, fruits, meat and sausages. For the labeling of fruit and vegetables a special designed HOT-MELT adhesive based on synthetic rubber and emulsion acrylic adhesives on a very thin surface material of paper or synthetic films are used. In the food industry paper labels and foil products and packaging is most often used. Meat products use similar materials as are used for fruits and vegetables. Most are using labels of PP and PE without using glue. Large quantities of labels are printed in flexographic technology in full color.

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